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The world is constantly changing. We have learned to wash our hands more often, but never learn how to live next to a tap and soap. We will continue to walk in the parks and travel, go by train and bike, go in the gym. We will go to shops and banks, clinics and beauty salons, to exhibitions and concerts. But we want to feel safe everywhere.

Now there is SmartseptTM for this which is a line of new generation antiseptics, antibacterial hand sanitizers, that meets all the needs of a modern person. Effective formulas are based on high concentration isopropyl alcohol (75%), ethanol (more than 80%), a mixture of high concentration isopropyl alcohol and propyl alcohol (75%) and are additionally reinforced with hydrogen peroxide. A complex of three caring components — aloe vera, vitamin E and glycerin — is responsible for the gentle effect of a strong composition on the skin of the hands. Therefore, SmartseptTM can be used as often as necessary, wherever it is needed.  

Live an active and interesting life. We made SmartseptTM to be safe.

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The four specialized SmartseptTM ranges

are tailored to the needs of spheres in which sanitation is particularly acute.

for personal use

is an individual packaging that is convenient to take with you for express scrubbing of hands and personal items in any situation.

SmartseptTM for
home and office  —

are optimal volumes to ensure uninterrupted ability to disinfect on site.

SmartseptTM MED —

is a professional tool for disinfecting devices and equipment in medical institutions, cleaning hands of workers and patients.

SmartseptTM PRO —

is a professional tool for sanitary hygiene in cafes, restaurants, hotels, shops, banks, cinemas, educational institutions, transport and any public places.